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Intellectually provoked by the truth...which keeps haunting me, like it will never ever leave... intensified by this feeling of cowardice that I may not escape this..

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The Walking Dead: Welcome To The New Age

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Two Kinds of People in This World

There are plenty of people in this world. And they all have different tastes when it comes to a lot of things. Or do they? The following ad campaign from Zomato, a website and app for foodies, says that actually there are only two kinds of people. And Zomato doesn’t just do it through one poster, they have a whole series of ads that support this.

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The difference is that Tumblr will get you laid. 

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oh you cheeky tumblr staff. :)

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New Ties in the Real World

It’s like an era of pause in time
An era of pause in thoughts
An era of pause in literacy
An era of pause in sociality
An era of pause in positivity
An era of pause in everything

New ties, new bonds
New life, new smiles
New learnings, new sights
New beginnings, new forgivings

Sights full of delight
Sigths full of fright
Irony as it may seem
Positivity remains
As my new life begins
All pleasures exist
No pain, no gain
I still remain
Standing til dawn
As twilight comes on
As I rejoice my gain
Memories still same
Inspirations to share
Nothing will compare

All gone

All gone

Aling Cora
Date with ante Mildred

Aling Cora
Date with ante Mildred

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Illustrations by Sara Riches

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